Dear Friends and partners in Christ,

We, Moonjung and I want to thank you personally for the many years of support that has allowed us to pioneer and empower ministry in Cambodia through The Crossroads.  We appreciate the organizational support of the Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission (CNEC) throughout these years as well.  As a part of CNEC’s plan to transition The Crossroads ministry to local leadership, we would like to inform you that David has step aside from his role. Therefore, we want to inform you that as of October 2011, he is no longer a part of CNEC.

ooifam1We also want to thank you for faithfully supporting us in prayer and meeting the financial needs of ministry and our living expenses for the past 11 years. There were milestones that you had even come into our lives to support us emotionally when the storms came in. Further, through your financial contribution on the ministry front, many students have been given beyond an extraordinary roof. They found the best thing in life – Jesus Christ, and have been raised as leaders through ministry development.

Therefore, we are in an ’uncertain path,’ but praying for God’s leading.  I hope you will continue to pray for us and support us as He is leading us. At present and for 2012, we are taking our sabbatical year at Seattle and allowing our family to recharge.  At the same time, as a part of sabbatical arrangement we serve as missionary-in-residence at Evangelical Chinese Church of Seattle, Washington, USA. This church members composed of multigenerational multilingual congregations have been very kind in providing us a shelter for this year, and as agreed mutually, we are committed to help out in ways to grow the church. Your support has allowed David to continue his ministry here at Seattle while the sabbatical arrangement provides living quarter.

What’s next? While our hearts, honestly, is still in Cambodia at this moment and we still desire to return to continue the unfinished task the Lord has envisioned us. Over the last 11 years, 6 churches were planted though only 4 still ‘alive’(Xroads PP, Xroads Battambang, Pillars, Cana) and also churches at unreached people group – Kuy ministry(5 villages), enterprise ministry to name a few.  However, we are willing to submit to God’s calling.  Please pray with us and for us in this journey. It will be some time before we will know about our future undertaking.

We know that without your consistent prayers and support in partnering us, we will not be able to serve for Christ in reaching out to students in Cambodia.  I believe through your support in faith and partnership in Christ even greater things are awaiting us.  We will appreciate your continuous prayer and support at this critical time. May the Lord direct our path to the future that will be honorable and glorious to Him.  Please let us know if you need additional information.

Many blessings,

David Ooi.

Crossroads Jakarta: A future ministry in need of PRAYER

Dear friends,

The Indonesian team visit Xroads to gain deeper insight of the ministry as they continue to seek the Lord on how to commence Xroads in Jakarta. The team has options of an Enterprise and a pure ministry model. Pls pray for the team, for wisdom and insight on what the Lord has called them to in Jakarta. Pls also pray for the Lord’s provision for the ministry, both local network and students that the Lord will call.
Many blessings,